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Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds (Santa Ana Heights Project Area) Series 2014

Successor Agency to the Orange County Development Agency       
Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds (Santa Ana Heights Area) Series 2014       
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Underwriter: E.J. De La Rosa & Co., Inc.       
Bond Counsel: Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth       
Underwriter Counsel:  Jones Hall       
Dated Date: January 9, 2014       
Rating at Time of Issuance:  "A-" Standard & Poor's       
Security:  Project Area Tax Allocation, Reserve Fund       
Payment Dates: September 1 & March 1      
Current Aggregate Outstanding Debt (as of September 30, 2022)     

Fiscal Year Principal Amount Interest Amount Total Debt Service
2022-23 1,290,000 65,250 1,355,250
2023-24 1,320,000 33,000 1,353,000
Totals 2,610,000 98,250 2,708,250


Note: Annual Debt Service Payment represents the Cumulative interest due for each Maturity at their stated Rate for one year.      


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